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Jizzy Pickle -The male sex organ. Resembling a pickle, but with jizz.

I'll keep this short and sweet...
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I am so pissed off (and have been since I saw the survey poll thing on C4's Alternate Election Night)

WTF BRITAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Actually not even Britain, I'm looking at u England, Wales and N.Ireland!!!!!! (Since I know for sure Labour has won a hell of a lot more seats in Scotland than anyone else, closest was SNP with 6 I think)

SERIOUSLY WTF?????? David bloody Cameron, that lying, greasy haired, crappy car salesman, seriously???? He is a fucking SCUMBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrr

Labour all the bloody way min!!!!1

tbh I even could have coped with LibDems at a push, anyone but that shite head, grrrrrr. (although not sure i agree with europe and all that)

Actually not anyone, though it pains me to do so, because of the amount I hate The Dick Head. BNP Could have won *shudder*

Also I kinda dislike Nick Clegg quite a lot now too. Serious? pairing up with that arsehole?? Ur 'promises' had a hellova lot more in common with Labour than it did for THEM. WTF


But yeh moving on. Happier note, Charlie and David were ace on C4 AEN && I laughed when I read Charlie's article about him peeing on it lol xxxxxx

My Slash List
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I'm creating a post with all my pairings, so people can easily see if we have interests in common/warning people that I'm in to slash/ proving I'm in to slash, and ...well reminding myself to visit each comm every so often =D

They were in a random order, but now there in groups =D


Colin Morgan & Bradley James (Merlin 08/09/10)
David Mitchell & Charlie Brooker (..Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009??)
David Mitchell & Derren Brown (TMAWL and Tricks of the Mind)
David Mitchell & Lee Mack (Would I Lie To You) #
David Mitchell & Robert Webb (That Mtchell and Webb Look)
David Mitchell & Stephen Fry (QI &...Peep Show)
James May & Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear)
Sean Murray & Micheal Weatherly (NCIS)


Tom Fletcher & Danny Jones (McFly)
Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter (McFly)
Tom Fletcher & Harry Judd (McFly)


Merlin (08/09/10 TV Show)

Merlin & Arthur
Merlin & Lancelot
Merlin & Leon
Merlin & Mordred
Merlin & Uther


Timothy McGee & Leon Vance #
Timothy McGee & Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Timothy McGee & Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Tony Dinozzo
Timothy McGee & Tony Dinozzo


Ianto Jones & Captain Jack Harkness
Ianto Jones & Captain Jack Harkness & Captain John Hart
Ianto Jones & Captain John Hart


George & Mitchell (Being Human)
Ron Weasley & Draco Malfoy (HP) #
Ron Weasley & Severous Snape (HP) #
Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (Sherlock Holmes 2010)
Kevin & Scotty (Brothers&Sisters)

# - VERY occasionally

I need to figure out how to keep this at the top =/ x
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You can't catch me
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Title: You can’t catch me
Author: DarkDani
Rating: PG-13 I’m guessing. There’s kinda disturbing imagery involved, but it’s more suggested rather than out right.

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 417
Summary: I’m waiting

Disclaimer: Don’t Own ETC
Author’s Note: Dunno where this came from. Hope u like.

I worry about my imagination sometimes.Collapse )

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I love David Mitchell. Simple as.

Read more...Collapse )

If you never saw James Cordon's sketch on Sport Relief last night, you really really have to. It'll be on uTube i would have thought. Or BBCiPlayer, either way, it was HILARIOUS. I've never much liked David Beckham but he was so cute in this.

Hopefully I'll post some Jethro/Timmy stuff up tomoz (sunday) if I'm feelin better. Much loooooove x

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So yeh. This is me posting. Won't be very long or interesting cause I forgot I have a deadline tomorrow, and I've got a lot to do *rolls eyes* On a happier note; I SHOULD be posting some more Timmy/Jethro fic this weekend (poss next week actually, cause I've got a diff folio deadline on Friday) YAAAAAY! I've been writing when I should be sleeping, u should see the bags under my eyes. Not good people defo not good.

If ur interested, this is what I'm away to do...Collapse )

Anyways, better pop off and do my folio *sigh* *pouts*

Bye Bye xx
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There's No Title =[
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Starting from tomorrow, I'm totally gonna start posting on here...YAY, Prepare for spamming people =D x
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Mine, DarkDani, NC-17
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Title: Mine (crap i know)
Author: DarkDani
Word Count: 2,172
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Nope, unless u haven't seen the end on season 5 =S
Warning: sex. a bit of sub/dom, teeny bit on bondage i suppose =] 
Disclaimer: Don't own them, Don't Sue =]
Summary: Gibbs get's slightly possesive after Vance 'borrows' McGee
Author Note; been thinking about this the last like week (hot dreams =]) First time writting this pairing, and sex so yeh...if it's bad tell me. So i never try again =]

ClyckCollapse )


Shot To the Heart, DarkDani, PG-13
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Title: Shot To the Heart

Author: DarkDani

Rating: erm..Pg-13

Word Count: 621

Warnings: None really, a swear word, oh kind of character death…but not really.

Summery: ‘Jethro woke up suddenly, hearing whimpering coming from beside him.’ Tim has a nightmare

Disclaimer: Don’t own, Blah Blah.

A/N: Just short, probs rubbish =] was just getting it out of my head before I carry on writing a longer one =] No Spoilers!!



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Fluff or Smut, darkdani, nc-17
mcgee, sexy, timmy
Title : Fluff or Smut?
Author : DarkDani
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Fluff or Smut?
Disclaimer: Not Mine, Don't Sue
A/N: People prefered the smut but let's take a vote.

Cuttty cut cutCollapse )

Misled, DarkDani, PG
mcgee, sexy, timmy

Title: Misled
Author: DarkDani
Rating: PG (though there’s a bit of suggestion lol)
Word Count: 135
Summary: “Jethro!”
Disclaimer: Don’t Own ETC
Author’s Note: Just a short silly drabble. I’m hoping it’ll inspire more stories on here =]

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