No Matter How Far We've Come, I Can't Wait To See Tomorrow .... With You

Jizzy Pickle -The male sex organ. Resembling a pickle, but with jizz.

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So yeh. This is me posting. Won't be very long or interesting cause I forgot I have a deadline tomorrow, and I've got a lot to do *rolls eyes* On a happier note; I SHOULD be posting some more Timmy/Jethro fic this weekend (poss next week actually, cause I've got a diff folio deadline on Friday) YAAAAAY! I've been writing when I should be sleeping, u should see the bags under my eyes. Not good people defo not good.

Ace it's side ways =/      

Anyways, better pop off and do my folio *sigh* *pouts*

Bye Bye xx
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Oh, are those blueprints? What are you making? *is nosey*

lol The first is Orthagraphic Veiws of the different parts of straighteners. And the second is designs for a leaflet to advertise them. Not very interesting lol. x

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